Single Carrier Cabinet

Definity Basic Control Cabinet


This cabinet is also called an “enhanced” control cabinet because, unlike the G3V1 basic control cabinet, it has an 80386 processor instead of an 80286 processor, and flash-ROM instead of a tape drive, and 16 port slots instead of 10. An AC or DC power...

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Definity Expansion Control Cabinet


The Expansion Control Cabinet is optional and is located only in an EPN in G3i and G3r. This cabinet contains port circuit packs, Tone-Clock circuit packs, Maintenance circuit pack, and provide an interface to a port cabinet. Figure 2-23 shows an...

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Duplicated Control Cabinet


The cabinet contains dedicated white-colored circuit pack slots that are always equipped with specific control circuit packs. The purple-colored circuit pack slots can be equipped with any port circuit packs. This cabinet is also called an “enhanced”...

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Port Cabinet


The Port cabinet is located in the PPN and in EPNs. This cabinet contains ports and an interface to an expansion control cabinet. Figure 2-25 shows a port cabinet containing a port carrier. The cabinet contains optional port circuit packs in port Slots 1...

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