G450 Components

Avaya G450 MP80 Media Gateway w/Power - RECERTIFIED

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The Avaya G450 Media Gateway is a multipurpose media gateway that can be deployed in medium to large sized branch locations.  It works in conjunction with Avaya Communication Manager IP telephony software running on Avaya S87XX Servers to help...

Avaya MM717 DCP Media Module - RECERTIFIED

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The MM717 DCP media module provides 24 DCP ports of two-wire DCP functionality exposed as a single 25-pair amphenol connector. The DCP ports are exposed by connecting the module via a standard amphenol cable to a punch-down block with RJ-11 jacks. The...

Avaya MM711 Analog Media Module - RECERTIFIED

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The MM711 provides analog trunk and telephone features and functionality. The administrator can configure any of the eight ports of the MM711 as follows: ? Central office trunk, either loop start or ground start ? Analog Direct Inward Dialing (DID)...

Avaya G450 Power Supply Unit - RECERTIFIED

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The Avaya G450 Power Supply unit is a full redundant, load sharing power supply.  A single power supply unit (PSU) provides sufficient power for any G450 configuration.  If you choose to install two PSUs, they operate in a load sharing mode...

Avaya MM314 LAN Media Module - RECERTIFIED

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The MM314 LAN media module provides: ? 24 Ethernet 10/100 Base-T Ethernet access ports with inline Power over Ethernet (PoE). ? One Gigabit Ethernet Small Form-Factor Pluggables (SFP) GigaBit Interface Converter (GBIC) slot which supports any of the...

Avaya MM722 BRI Media Module - RECERTIFIED

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The MM722 BRI media module provides two 4 wire S/T ISDN BRI (Basic Rate Interface) 2B+D access ports with RJ-45 jacks. Each port interfaces to the central office at the ISDN T reference point. Information is communicated in the same manner as for the...

Avaya MM720 BRI Media Module - RECERTIFIED

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The MM720 BRI media module contains eight ports that interface with the central office at the ISDN T reference point. On each port, information is communicated in two ways: ? Over two 64 Kb channels called B1 and B2 that can be circuit switched...

Avaya MM710 T1/E1 Media Module - RECERTIFIED

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The MM710 T1/E1 media module terminates a T1 or E1 trunk. The MM710 has a built-in Channel Service Unit (CSU) so an external CSU is not necessary. The CSU is only used for the T1 circuit. The MM710 features: ? ISDN PRI capability (23B + D or 30B + D) ?...