TN Form Factor Circuit Packs

TN429D DIOD (Direct Inward Outward Dialing) - RECERTIFIED

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TN429D DIOD (Direct Inward Outward Dialing) (700394547) provides 8 ports for direct inward/outward dialing (DIOD) trunks Each port provides a 2-wire interface to the central office (CO) publich exchange for incoming and outgoing calls CO provides caller...

TN2312BP IP Server Interface - RECERTIFIED

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The TN2312BP IP server interface (IPSI) provides transport of control messages. The messages are sent between the S8500, S8700, or S8710 Media Server to the media server’s port networks (PNs) using the customer’s LAN and WAN. Through these control...

TN2302AP IP Media Processor - RECERTIFIED

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The TN2302AP IP Media Processor is the H.323 audio platform that provides voice over internet protocol (VoIP) audio access to the switch for local stations and outside trunks.

TN2312AP IP Server Interface - RECERTIFIED

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The TN2312AP IP Server Interface (IPSI) provides the S8700 Media Servers with tone generation, tone detection, call classification equivalent to a TN2182C, and clock generation.