ASA 5585-X

Today’s enterprise networks struggle to keep up with a mobile workforce. Users expect on-demand access from their many devices, even as applications multiply and push performance levels. And of course security remains a priority. How do you scale and still preserve the integrity of the network? Start with the Cisco® ASA 5585-X Firewall, a compact yet high-density firewall that delivers tremendous scalability, performance, and security in a two-rack-unit (2RU) footprint.

Using a single firewall blade, the Cisco ASA 5585-X meets the growing needs of dynamic organizations by providing eight times the performance density, very high VPN session counts, twice as many connections per second, and four times the connection capacity of any competitive firewall.

The Cisco ASA 5585-X Next-Generation Firewall delivers superior scalability, performance, and security to handle high data volumes without sacrificing performance. Most firewalls require up to 16RUs and 5100 watts to scale to the level of performance that the Cisco ASA 5585-X achieves with only 2RUs and 785 watts. This performance helps enterprises meet the increasing demands for network connectivity without the need to invest in additional data center space and incur the corresponding maintenance costs. Using Cisco ASA Software Release 9.0 and later, customers can combine up to 16 Cisco ASA 5585-X firewall modules in a single cluster for up to 640 Gbps of throughput, 2 million connections per second, and more than 100 million concurrent connections. This “pay as you grow” model enables organizations to purchase what they need today and dynamically add more when their performance needs grow. To protect high-performance data centers from internal and external threats, the cluster can be augmented by adding IPS modules.